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Reliable partner needed in the Eastern and Northern parts of the Netherlands?

Do you need a reliable relocation partner in the Eastern and Northern parts of the Netherlands?

At Ease has built up an excellent reputation. It is familiar with all relevant portal programs and regulations.
At Ease provides tailor made solutions to cater for the relocators.

The Eastern and Northern parts of the Netherlands are becoming increasingly more popular within the Expat community.

At Ease is well known in the region, making use of an extensive personal and professional network.

We fully understand the culture and can assist to bridge any potential differences.

This beautiful environment has a lot to offer which is often not known to the expat community.

It is important for relocators to have a partner with extensive local knowledge and networks.

Convening agreements are essential. At Ease, as an independent consultancy, has been engaged by various ARPN relocation organizations in the Randstad.

The workshop "Gezellig hè" is frequently presented and designed to promote social integration.

Where can I find whom, where or what.

Customization is possible through the extensive network of At Ease.