Info Expat

Welcome to the site of At Ease. Congratulations on the new challenge.

As an Expat you will temporarily settle in the Netherlands, possibly with family.

At Ease specializes in the Eastern and Northern parts of the Netherlands. It has many picturesque villages and lively cities. Ample green environments with sports amenities. Everything is at a short distance from the Randstad. Excellent local and international schools.

A smooth integration is in the interest of everyone concerned, as I know from experience.

My father worked as an Expat. Our family joined him on the assignments, thus becoming familiar with the processes involved in moving abroad and settling into new environments.

It's important that everyone feels at ease in order to create a home away from home.

At Ease can assist you with housing, schooling, sports, providing navigation to whom what and where.

Agreements with official organizations will need to be made such as the IND, bank and applying for a citizen service number (Burger Service Nummer or in short BSN).

Our unique feature is our distinctive approach and having proprietary networks.

Our personally extensive network is our distinctive character and will bring you a lot.