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How can At Ease help you? Your company recruits professionals from abroad. At Ease understands that the expat (impat) employees already have a more-than-full-time job, which unfortunately does not leave much time to make arrangements for the other family members. That’s when At Ease steps in. Let us help with a quick integration of all family members. After an initial consultation we will make an inventory of specific interests, wants and needs, like housing, schooling, sports etcetera. Everybody will quickly feel at ease and be able to create a home away from home. The idea is for everyone to feel truly welcome and appreciated. Your success is our goal!

We are an official partner of the International Welcome Centre North. 

Please contact us for more information or a quote at no obligation whatsoever.

Call +31 655 15 24 24 or use the contactform.

Expats At Ease
Libanonweg 11
Tel.: +31 655 152424
Website: www.expatsatease.nl

Home introduction

At Ease provides assistance to foreign professionals and their family who are coming to live and work in the Netherlands on a temporary basis. We understand that the expat employee already has a...
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Home hospitality

The northern and eastern parts of the Netherlands are beautiful and has many picturesque cities and villages to find a nice place to stay. There is plenty of nature as well as internationally...
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Let us take care of getting the entire family settled in so that everyone will quickly feel at home in the Netherlands. We can help arrange memberships for you and your family in sports clubs,...
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WELCOMING ACQUAINTANCES Welcoming business acquaintances takes a great deal of time and energy, time which you do not really have. In these situations At Ease can offer a helping hand. For instance,...
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